PitchPoint's method combines a set of flexible process standardizations, continuous improvement models, our core Helix technology and other practices each aligned for what works best for customer needs. The PitchPoint method insists on a high customer intimacy model throughout our deployment practice, resulting in a well-coordinated set of coherent actions with absolute alignment and transparency that produces exceptional control and return on investment for our customers.

PitchPoint's agile method for truly dynamic applications.

Process Standards and Methods

PitchPoint's well established and proven delivery practice is founded on an agile methodology comprising a selection of industry best practices that have been combined, practiced and matured in keeping with elements of Six Sigma and Capability Maturity Model® Integration. PitchPoint employs a wide selection of industry standards within the body of ISO, ITIL processes and many others as part of every customer development and deployment effort.

PitchPoint's well-honed processes and practices have been instrumental in positioning our customers for success beyond a quality product by:

  • Averting financial risk: the process significantly reduces up-front investments while not compromising on the end product objectives.
  • Enabling flexible deployments: traditional constraints surrounding prolonged serialized project stages have been removed ensuring that time to market needs and shifting market/key stakeholder needs can be effectively managed.
  • Creating a competitive advantage: rapid product deployment cycles allow for flexible and immediate innovation and maximum competitiveness.
  • Providing client execution control: high customer intimacy ensures complete transparency and immediate involvement in issues that may result in delays.
  • Maximizing innovation: our innovative technology platform Helix allows for freedom of change/deployment models and a process that ensures maximum customer intimacy/user input and control thus eliminating mediocre results and clearing the path for flexibility and innovative results.
  • Safeguarding brand: control over execution throughout the process maximize the quality of the corporate image and ensures optimal management of expectations.

What kind of benefits do our customers see?

PitchPoint breaks down barriers and unlocks potential for your organization through:

Dramatic Productivity Improvements - creating the path to
  • Develop portfolio's of achievable ROI-based initiatives for your organization
  • Strategize on new improvements beyond current implementations with the freedom to shift and change at any time without penalty

Low Trauma to the Organization - allowing you to
  • Focus on your specific bottlenecks/opportunities
  • Deploy functionality relevant to the need
  • Avoid replacing perfectly good systems and solutions for the sake of new capabilities
  • Automate your processes rather than re-engineer your processes to fit the solution

Rapid Deployments - permitting you to
  • Tap into highly configurable and powerful financial services modules
  • Access existing systems and data sources
  • Layer new functionality into existing systems

Continuous Improvement - enabling you to
  • Take control of your business through versatile rules and workflow capabilities
  • Quickly innovate to meet new market conditions and other influencing factors