All PitchPoint solutions and services are built on the powerful PitchPoint Helix platform. Created for the financial services industry, Helix is built on a set of core processing components, including powerful rules engines designed to deploy economically and flexibly that allows clients to easily streamline their processes. PitchPoint clients can quickly and easily synchronize our processing platform with their corporate compliance rules to enforce policies company-wide.

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PitchPoint Promptu

PitchPoint Promptu is an on-demand platform providing powerful web tools or a system-to-system interface that allows clients to streamline data entry or import the loan file and instantly validate key data across billions of public records from leading national databases. Clients can manage their users, order reports, track the status of all reports for a specific loan, and archive and retrieve reports.

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Custom Implementations

The PitchPoint Promptu platform features multiple flexibility points to enable it to be quickly and economically tailored to meet the evolving needs of partners and clients.

The dramatic changes in the mortgage, insurance and credit reporting industries highlight the strong need for flexible solutions. Contact a PitchPoint representative to discuss your business's unique requirements.

How your PitchPoint Promptu solutions and services are powered.

Helix Processing Platform

PitchPoint solutions utilize the PitchPoint Helix financial services processing platform as a launching pad to accelerate all solution deployments. Designed to cater to the multi-faceted needs of the financial services industry, Helix offers:

  • Proven scalability, reliability and high-availability
  • Scalable solutions able to cater to small and large deployments
  • Powerful application engines for process control, business rules, data & content management integration, etc.
  • Multi-tenancy services for heterogeneous institution market deployments

Supporting these capabilities and fundamental to the Helix platform is the Helix solution stack, which comprises the core processing components designed and honed for the financial services market.

Acting as solution accelerators, the Helix stack components include:

Financial Services Database

Financial Services Database
Core pre-built fully customizable financial data models defining essential participants, relationships and events.

Dynamic Rich User Interface

Dynamic Rich User Interface
Pre-existing user interface components provide rapidly definable rich user interfaces that are customizable without limitations.

In Context Business Logic

In Context Business Logic Rule Engine
Powerful business rules facilities manage all business logic, exception management, calculations and more, presented as simple in-context logic elements that are immediately usable.

Business Process Execution

Business Process Execution
A service-oriented architecture flexibly and rapidly addresses complex systems and user interaction when required.

Real-time Reporting, Analytics and Distribution

Real-time Reporting, Analytics and Distribution
Information in all forms from simple to the exceedingly complex can be distributed in any document format via standard messaging formats (email, etc.) or interactively through dashboards.

Enterprise and Partner Data Connector Network

Enterprise and Partner Data Connector Network
A comprehensive network of fully interactive data sources in any data format required (SQL Databases, Web Services, HTML, E-mail, ftp/sftp, CSV, etc.) may be rapidly established enabling clints to evolve applications and services with the use of new data sources and mash-ups.

Flexible deployment options catering to diverse and changing needs.

Solution Deployment - how your solution is deployed and managed

All PitchPoint solutions support a variety of deployment models to support the varied needs of our customers'. The deployment models supported include:

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment - supported by PitchPoint and running on the PitchPoint infrastructure
  • On-Premises deployments - Supported by the customer and running on our customer's infrastructure
  • Managed On-Premises deployments - Supported by PitchPoint and running on the customers infrastructure