Batch Services & Monitoring


Batch reporting and monitoring of lenders’ key loan participants and high-use service providers for derogatory activity.

Batch Watchlists Reporting
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Batch reporting of individuals and companies against industry and/or custom watchlists.

    • Spreadsheet formats accepted for easy export from LOS or vendor management platform contacts.
    • Watchlist scanning of hundreds or thousands of individuals or companies at a time.
    • Complete details on “hits” are displayed from watchlist database.
Service Provider Monitoring
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Service provider monitoring looks for critical activity, allowing lenders to stay up to date with notifications of suspicious activity.


    • Settlement company license may be monitored for status changes and new sanctions.
    • Industry watchlists and online-media sources are monitored for derogatory reports of the service provider.
    • Court records and secretary of state business information may be monitored.
    • System access can be provided to manage and clear alerts.

Advanced Real Time Analytics and Flexible Technology

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