Property Information


PitchPoint offers property data from a range of leading national property databases, delivering 99% national coverage of residential properties. From data reports to instant deed retrieval, PitchPoint is a one-stop source for property data.

Property Ownership & Foreclosure Information
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Investigative report of a borrower’s current and historical occupancy, ownership, and foreclosure activity to detect applicant non-disclosure or misrepresentation.

    • Alias names searched for ownership and foreclosure history.
    • Borrower-related foreclosure activity events from the last 7 years highlighted.
    • Deed and finance history displayed for all current or historically owned properties.


Subject Property Details
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County-derived property data, covering 99% of residential properties in the US, returns standardized address and key property details.


    • Current owner identified and owner-occupied status indicated.
    • Deed and finance history displayed.
    • Current year’s property taxes reported, including delinquencies.
    • Additional key property details include:
      • Legal Description
      • Mailing Address
      • Prior Sale & Date
      • Tax Assessor’s Valuation
      • Property Characteristics
      • Nearby Neighborhood Sales
FEMA Disaster Declarations
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Property search for FEMA-declared disasters affecting the given county from nationwide dataset that is updated daily.


    • Disasters from the last 120 days are highlighted.
    • Historical disasters displayed, spanning the last 24 months.
    • Available assistance program(s) provided per disaster.
Property Voluntary Lien Report
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With nationwide coverage, property search displays deed, foreclosure, mortgage, assignment, and release history.


    • Complete property deed and finance history.
    • Buyer/borrower, seller, lender, loan type, and more are available.
    • Recording dates and document numbers available for Imaged Deed retrieval.
Imaged Deed Search
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High-speed imaged document retrieval from the nation’s largest database of public land records.

    • Document images of property deed, foreclosure, mortgage, assignment, and release events.
Automated Valuation Models (AVM)
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Multiple automated valuation models available from leading property data analytics providers.


    • Lite: Report provides current market value and confidence score.
    • Standard: Report returns a valuation, value range, market comparables and analysis along with a map of locations.
    • GEO Cascade: State-of-the-art cascading methodologies employed to select the optimum valuation model.

Advanced Real Time Analytics and Flexible Technology

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